These spreadsheets are tools to help you become a better investor.

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The Library is a spreadsheet to help organize your knowledge. The sheet is created to organize a large amount of information, similar to how a library does with books. It is highly versatile. You can use it as a personal journal, general notes on a topic, or a stock journal. You'll be amazed at how organizing your thoughts will make you far more intelligent.


Use this to list your upcoming trades and write down notes on those trades. You cannot trade successfully if you do so on a whim. You need to have a strategy and a list of stock(s) you're monitoring before placing your trades.

Earnings Sheet

When a company releases earnings, the stock price will immediately move. Why? Because that company's earnings would have either beat or missed analyst expectations. In seconds, the stock price would have already responded, so you need this spreadsheet to help you know if the stock price will rise or fall immediately after earnings are released.

Financial Report

Use this spreadsheet to track your profits and losses. Every experienced investor has one, so here's ours for you. It's simple to use, pleasant to look at, and great to track the progression of your investments.